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Multimédia TV & son

Studio moniteurs JBL 4345 paire

6 000€(Négociable)

  • Studio moniteurs JBL 4345 paire


Prix : 6 000€(Négociable)
Type : Offre
Date : 27 août 2018
État : Bon
Remise : Par voie postale
Lieu : Paris, France

Studio monitors JBL 4345 pair 6000 euros

Low used Standing in a non-smoky room. The 4345 is original, comes with its original drivers and crossers, works very well in good condition.


4-way, 4 bass-reflex speakers and one type of floor


For low-pass: 46cm cone type (2245H)

For inner low-pass: conical type 25cm (2122H)

For medium high ranges: Type of horn (2420 + 2307 + 2308)

For high regions: type of ring (2405)

Frequency characteristic: 32Hz-20kHz ± 3dB

Directivity (horizontal x vertical): 60 degrees x 30 degrees (-3 dB, 16 kHz)

Output sound pressure level: 95dB / W / m

Impedance: 8ohms

Authorized entry:

120W (during a network)

200W (Lo multi-amplifier)

100W (multi-amplifier Hi)

Frequency of passage:

320Hz, 1.3kHz, 10kHz (at the moment of a network)

290Hz, 18dB / oct (at the time of multi-amplifier)

Case size:

253L (woofer)

14L (medium woofer)

Dimensions: Width 765x Height 1096x Depth 470mm

Weight: 140 kg (at the time of packing)

Local pickup is best, international shipping will be based on an agreement.


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